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Paul Snedeker(non-registered)
Your photos are a wonderful celebration of creation and being. WOW! A treat for the eyes and soul.
Carroll Stewart(non-registered)
Pat, you have a wonderful website, and even more wonderful images! I really enjoyed looking at the diversity of images you have. You have a real eye for beauty in Nature. From looking at your work on Nikonites for some time now, it is amazing the improvement IMO, in the images you capture. Your love of Photography really shows.
Kathy Sindon Shinn(non-registered)
Awesome pictures, Pat!!
Pat,I haven't gone to your website for quite a while. So many new ones! Your heron profiles are fantastic.A lot of interesting great shots of nature, animals. You're getting better and better.On you photographic equipment is not wasted. I know you're having a ball!
Kelley Gula(non-registered)
Who knew ... from biker to photographer ... These are great, I am hoping to learn from you
Ray Longa (Raybun)(non-registered)
Hello Neighbor

Enjoyed your photos. You have an excellent eye for animals. I am over in Londonderry and grew up in Nashua and recognize a lot of your locations.Also a retired biker (BMWs) and machinist.
Joe Gingras(non-registered)
Hey Pat,

I'm also from New the pics!
Jessie Kearns(non-registered)
Awesome to have a place to come to specifically browse your pictures. Awesome to see you fulfilling your dream and sharing its beauty with your friends and family.
Mary Nelson(non-registered)
You have an amazing eye and talent with the camera
Sharyl Clark(non-registered)
Very nice photo's. As an animal lover, I am especially fond of the Wildlife and Pet collections.
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