Photography By Patrick: Blog en-us (C) Photography By Patrick (Photography By Patrick) Sun, 17 May 2015 19:10:00 GMT Sun, 17 May 2015 19:10:00 GMT Photography By Patrick: Blog 120 90 Last Blog Post Here... Well, I have my new family website up and running now and it will feature a news Blog, so I will be discontinuing this Blog.   The Photo site will remain but the News Blog will be featured and maintained over on my Family site.  It will contain my photo stuff and more.

The actual photography will still be maintained and updated at this Location.  I want to thank all who have supported this and hope you will continue to visit to see my newest and best photos.

If you would like to know more about family news etc. please visit my Family Web at


Pat McGhie

Savannah GA


]]> Sun, 17 May 2015 19:10:07 GMT
Almost Xmas! I must say, retirement has been good to me but I have been so busy having fun, I have not kept the blog up to date!  What has transpired?

1.  We retired in July

2.  Sold our house in NH (closed 7/10)

3.  Moved to Pooler GA (Savannah)

4.  Closed on our new home on 7/15!

It has been great here!   The best part of it is being close to our youngest son and his family (3 youngest grandkids!).  We have 11 grandchildren total and have missed most of their growing years due to "location"  This is an opportunity to experience what we have missed with the others..

D71_0748D71_0748 D71_0754D71_0754 D71_0755D71_0755

What else???    In summary, my photography has been heavy on Wildlife, I have added the Tamron 150-600 to my arsenal, enjoying the weather and purchased a 2nd motorcycle (BMW F650GS Twin).

Here are a few samples of my Wildlife......

D71_1939D71_1939 D71_1933D71_1933 D71_1845D71_1845 D71_1749D71_1749 D71_0795D71_0795 D71_1957D71_1957


Anyway, that is it for the moment.   I promise to try and be a little more consistent in my postings.   Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!


Pat in GA

600mm Georgia Savannah Tamron grandchildren move wildlife Thu, 11 Dec 2014 13:55:53 GMT
Wow! It has been a while! Hello Everyone!!   It has been a while since I posted in here, quite a while!   Life has been very busy.  It is a good busy though, I am preparing for retirement on July 3rd.   In the time since the last blog we have prepared our home for sale, created a list of potential homes and stayed busy at work training my replacement.

I had mentioned on the last blog that the painters were in and we hoped to have the house listed in March.  Well, that did not happen.  The painter came highly recommended but he was far from professional.   His 2 1/2 week job turned into 5 weeks and that put us well behind schedule.   He also did not do the greatest job and seemed offended when I called him on it and had him fix a few things.  As a result, we lost our slot for the flooring crew so they were a weeke and half before they got started.  They did a great job and finished in less than a week.   We were finally able to list the house on the 28th of April. 

DSC_8884DSC_8884 DSC_8881DSC_8881 DSC_8880DSC_8880 DSC_8879DSC_8879


In approx 2 weeks, we had 12 showings and 2 offers.  On May 11th, we countered on an offer and they accepted so we entered into a contract pending Home Inspection and Financing approval.   It is an exciting time!!   I have since contacted my Agent in Savannah with a list of 10 homes and we have scheduled a visit down to look at the homes.   Our present plan calls for Retire on July 3rd, Closing here on the 11th and begin driving to GA on the 12th.

So, what about my photography???   Still very active and taking pictures most every day.  I did withdraw from the 365 Contest on Nikonites as I was so busy with the house.   I did not want to take shots just to say I posted every day.   I have only missed a few days but it is nice to be able to take a break when I am busy.


I would like to share a few of my better shots from the last couple months.....

DSC_8673-EditDSC_8673-Edit DSC_7981DSC_7981 DSC_8896-EditDSC_8896-Edit DSC_9013DSC_9013 DSC_8795DSC_8795 DSC_9132DSC_9132

Well, time to get back to work now.   Have fun and be safe!


Pat in NH



Fall HDR Lights Nikon Pet Photo contests home macro micro sunrise wildlife Sat, 17 May 2014 15:47:04 GMT
February & Winter! Yes, January and February can be tough in the winter when you live in New England.   Now is a good time to share that this is my LAST Winter in New England.   I plan to retire in July and move to savannah GA.   Painters are in today to start the interior and flooring work will be done immediately after.   We will then put the house up on the market, likely early March.

It has been both cold and snowy, and that is what is mostly reflected in my photos (along with industrial and product).


DSC_7100-EditDSC_7100-Edit   DSC_6757-EditDSC_6757-Edit DSC_6634-EditDSC_6634-Edit DSC_7234DSC_7234 DSC_7155DSC_7155 DSC_7194-EditDSC_7194-Edit


We had a few Industrial shots also during this period....


DSC_7109DSC_7109 DSC_7169DSC_7169


We also managed a couple Wildlife shots....


DSC_7103DSC_7103 DSC_7211DSC_7211


Well, here we are into February and already looking for Spring!   I know, it is a ways off but it's nice to dream.  I have not picked up any more equipment yet, though I have been eyeing a Nero Trigger and a longer telephoto for Wildlife!

Have fun shooting....    Enjoy and get outside and make memories!


Pat in NH


]]> Thu, 06 Feb 2014 16:19:44 GMT
Happy New Year - 2014 Hope you all had a very nice Holiday season and that whatever holiday you celebrate. Camera's were a part of it..

For me, Xmas was nice and Santa was good to me....    The first item to grace me, through the graciousness of another Nikonites User, was a WU-1A wireless adapter.  Works great on my D7100 and allows me to "chimp" pictures full size to a tablet and also allows me to remote control the camera shutter from my tablet 9and see through LV).   I have used this to photo wildlife at my outdoor feed station.

DSC_9342DSC_9342 DSC_9344DSC_9344

Here are a couple shots taken remotely....

DSC_6564-EditDSC_6564-Edit DSC_6542-EditDSC_6542-Edit

I reveived a few other camera items from Santa which I was pleased about...    I got a Manfrotto Monopod, a Vanguard Tripos (really like this) and a lenscal focus calibration kit.  The Vanguard came with a nice ball head attached and I also got a ball head for the Manfrotto.


and the Vanguard!   (Really nice and sturdy)


Thats about it...  been taking a lot of snow pictures lately.   Hopefully 2014 will be nice to all of us!

Happy Shooting!


Pat in NH

Manfrotto Monopod Nikon Photo Tripod Vanguard WU-1A Wireless portraits Sun, 05 Jan 2014 18:34:15 GMT
Thanksgiving in Michigan~! As usual, we made our annual trek to Michigan for Thanksgiving.  For those who do not know, I am originally from Michigan, have siblings, kids and grand kids there.   Each year I take a day or so along with the Holiday and we drive out to spend time with family and friends.   Off course I take my camera gear looking for some pictures!

The trip out was a bit rough with the weather.   We hit snow in MA and it was 1/2 way through NY before we drove out of it.   Slowed us down but we just took our time.  That night we had dinner with long time friends Pat & Don Inman.   Wednsday morning, we drove downriver to visit another longtime friend at his retail store.  We make it a point to see him every year.  That evening we went out to Joes (son) house.  His wife, AJ, made dinner for all.    My other son Scott, along with his wife and our 3 granchildren were up from Georgia and staying at Joe's.   Morgan is Jewish and it was the first night of Hanukkah so we were all able to spend time with them.

Thursday, well that was Thanksgiving and this year we all went to Joe's because Scott was there too...    Friday Don and I went and visited long time friend Tom Labelle.   The 3 of us worked together for 20years back before 1990.   Tom lost his wife Lila earlier this year.   Later in the day we went to see my brother Tom.  Our suster Linda made it over before we left and I was glad that I got to see her.

Saturday we were off to my daughter Sharon's, husband Rick and their 3 kids.   Sharon does the Black Friday thing so we always plan to visit there on Sat am.  Noon is off to lunch and the entire family is invited and then we say our Goodbyes!   That evening with stop by to have dinner with David and then Sunday morning we head back home...


DSC_5818-EditDSC_5818-Edit DSC_5811_2_3_4_5_fusedDSC_5811_2_3_4_5_fused DSC_5799DSC_5799 DSC_5719DSC_5719

DSC_5697DSC_5697 DSC_5701DSC_5701

That is it for this issue.   I also got a ton of family pictures that I am still working my way through.   It is always a good time!


Pat in NH


HDR Nikon Photo architecture scenery sunset Sun, 08 Dec 2013 05:30:00 GMT
November & Elements! Hi again everyone!   November is here and with it is the colder weather in NH.   It has not been too bad so far, though tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day of the year.  So, what have I been doing photography wise???

November has not been the most exciting from a photography point.   I have been busy at work and stuff at home so I have been somewhat limited to Industrial and what I could get down at Horseshoe Pond and Greeley.  I managed a shoot into nashua to a railroad yard, grabbed some night shots etc.

The Monthly Challenge was Composition ( Rule of Thirds) and I just submitted my 3 entries.   I did not do any special shots for the challenge, just picked 3 from my daileys during the month.

DSC_5510DSC_5510 DSC_5500-Edit copyDSC_5500-Edit copy DSC_5079DSC_5079

Thanks to the generousity of a Nikonites Member, I am now the Owner of Photoshop Elements 11 software...   I have been playing with it a bit and learning and so far finding it to be useful for some things I cannot do in Lightroom.   Layers can be very powereful...     I have used it to edit and greatly improve 5 photo's in the past week for issues I could not clean up in lightroom.  (one being the middle one about by removing a distracting branch right through the center of the pod.)

Next week, heading to Michigan for Thanksgiving so will be grabbing some road shots and famliy in Mich.


Have fun shooting my friends....


Pat in NH



11 Adobe Elements Lights Nikon Nikonites Photo Photoshop Sat, 23 Nov 2013 18:14:46 GMT
Bark in The Park! Bark in The Park is a Fundraiser for the Hudson Dog Park.   It is an off-leash dog park in Hudson NH located on the old Benson's property.  The town owns the land.   They have approved of a dog park and provided the use of the land but no financial support.   A group called Friends of Hudson Dog Park has organized, completed and maintains the park with all donations.   This fundraiser was an event to support the park and I volunteered to help during the event.

The event was held right outside the actual dog park and consisted of:

Doggy Halloween Costume Contest
We will photograph your best pal in his/her costume and the photos will be posted on Facebook.  The photo with the most “Likes” within one week wins a dog-related prize.

Poker Walk
Take beautiful Autumn stroll around Benson Park to collect your cards while showing off your dog’s Halloween costume!  $5 entry donation per hand.

DOGS are WELCOME, BUT NOT REQUIRED to participate in the Poker Walk :)
Best hand wins a non-dog related prize, 50/50!

 Bake Sale!


Logo items for sale!

In addition, Casey Jone's Bones was there, they sell all natural dog treats.   They gave out samples and we also bought some.

Here are a few shots from the event.

DSC_9226DSC_9226 DSC_9224DSC_9224 DSC_9221DSC_9221 DSC_9203DSC_9203

DSC_9198DSC_9198 DSC_9194DSC_9194

It seems that all (Humans and dogs alike) enjoyed the event.....


Pat in NH



Nikon Pet Photo costume dog halloween Wed, 30 Oct 2013 14:45:00 GMT
Schoolhouse RTE (Ride to Eat) - Also known at Pat's Birthday Lunch Usually on Columbus Day weekend, my friend Dave, from the Motorcycle Tourers forum, schedules what we call a "Ride to Eat".  Basically, just an excuse for long distance riders to gather and share stories over a meal.  The original, 7 years ago, fell right near by birthday hence the name.    The Schoolhouse is a restaurant in the town of Downsville NY, right in the middle of the Catskils.   Typically, we get riders coming in from Ontario, NY, PA, OH, NJ, CT, MA, NY, WV.   This year we had over 20 riders.

The meal was on Sunday so Jason, Bruce and I headed out on Saturday and stayed in Oneonta NY.  Sat, after a quick breakfast, we began to ride on the back roads towards Downsvile.   There was early morning Fog and we packed up and headed out.

DSC_4624DSC_4624 DSC_4626DSC_4626


The ride was nice, twisty roads through the Catskill mountains.  The colors were a bit disappointing as it was at least a full week past peak color.   I still managed to get a few decent pictures and the ride and scenery were both good.


DSC_4627DSC_4627 DSC_4630DSC_4630

Weather wise, it was a very nice day.   We got there early as usual and hung out with everyone in the parking lot.   When they opened we all went inside and they had a room reserved for us.   The building is an old Schoolhouse and is Listed on the National Register of historical places,  The Old Schoolhouse Inn & Restaurant is a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

Built in 1903 at a cost of $1000.00, The Old Schoolhouse was originally a Union Free School.

The school district voted to establish an academic department and classes started in the fall of 1906. In order to be admitted under the Regents of the University at least five academic students were required, a goal which was reached in June 1907. The full rank of a high school was achieved in 1910.

An authentic schoolhouse, high school was taught upstairs where the banquet facilities are now; first and second grades were taught where the bar now resides and fifth and sixth grades were held where the main dining room .  Classes were held here until 1939 when everything moved to the central school.

          You can check it out here if you are interested:

DSC_4639DSC_4639 DSC_4661DSC_4661




DSC_4664DSC_4664 DSC_4668DSC_4668

After eating, we normally have a cake for my Birthday.   This year we did it a little different, surprising John Wynes who was just awarded the title of Director Emeritus for the MTF!   Dave introduced me as the birthday boy...   then I thanked all (as it is my last one before I move to GA).   Then I announced the cake was different to honor someone else, and introduced John!   They still sang Happy Birthday!!   A great time was had by all, we took a group picture and then the 3 of us headed back home to NH.

DSC_4674DSC_4674 DSC_4681DSC_4681


Have fun shooting my friends!!!  

Pat in NH

Catskills Colors Downsville Fall Leaves MTF NY Nikon Photo Schoolhouse mountains Fri, 18 Oct 2013 19:00:00 GMT
Busy - Busy - Busy! Work has really kept me busy lately and coupled with the fact that we are moving next year and spending weekends prepping our house for sale, I have not had as much time to take pictures as I like.   Oh, I am still taking daily's and posting on Nikonites but so many days I have limited time or none at break.   That and some larger projects that I wanted to do and Challenges, well, I just have not had the time.

Here are a few of the photos taken during the recent weeks:

DSC_4351DSC_4351 DSC_4393DSC_4393


DSC_4687DSC_4687 DSC_4730DSC_4730

Hoping that when I get through the recent crunch, I can get some more time (weekends) to actually get out and do a planned shoot or two.   I do have a motorcycle ride into the Catskills coming up and a Fundraiser for the town Dog Park that I will be shooting at.


I did pick up a new piece of equipment recently.   We have a series of figurines we want to put up for sale on Ebay so I bought a small light tent to shoot the photos.  It is inexpensive, the lights are cheap and not all that powerful but I am able to adjust the camera (on a tripod) to compensate.   It worked great for what I needed and once set, I could just change figurines and hit the remote shutter.

That is all for today, Have fun shooting!!!


Pat in NH


Fall Industrial Nikon Product macro micro Thu, 10 Oct 2013 12:15:00 GMT
Flowers and More I have taken a lot of flower pictures in the last month.   As we move into Fall, the cooler temperatures are upon us and the flowers will be rapidly wilting.   I have located a prime location down at Greeley Park in Nashua NH.  I tend to drive down on many of my breaks to get both flowers and micro insects.


Here are some samples:
























I have enjoyed the beauty of the flowers and the capturing of the images.   It is not likely I will get too many more before the real cold arrives.  At least I have some images to look at over the cold New Hampshire winter! 


Have fun shooting my friends....


Pat in NH


floral flowers macro micro Wed, 09 Oct 2013 10:59:00 GMT
Off To Savannah! I spent the first weekend of September in the Savannah GA area.   My youngest son lives in Savannah and we are retiring to the area next year after I retire.   This was a combination family visit, home hunting and vacation trip.   There were lots of Photo Ops in the area...

Here are a few of my shots....



DSC_3748DSC_3748 DSC_3675DSC_3675


DSC_3425DSC_3425 DSC_3396DSC_3396


It was a great trip, I enjoyed the family time, the photo opportunities we narrowed down the search for an area to live when we move.


Have a great day everyone, get out and enjoy your gear!


Pat in NH


Egrets Georgia refuge savannah wildlife Mon, 09 Sep 2013 10:55:00 GMT
Micro - Macro!! Micro - Macro, it is basically all the same!!   Most people refer to it as Macro Photography.   Macro photography is the art of taking close-up pictures that show details that you cannot normally see with the naked eye. It gives you a snapshot into the world of the very small, which we typically do not even notice as we hurry though our day.

I have been looking into trying it but did not want to invest a lot.   I tried close up filters (thread on to your lens), they worked and I was able to achieve some interesting close ups but it just was not enough, nor was it very convenient.

Craigslist is my friend!!   I located a Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG lens for a reasonable price.  I headed up to Manchester NH and checked the Lens out.   All is well so I bought it!

First thing I learned is I knew nothing about Macro...   It takes some work.   Issues are shallow depth of field and especially at close focus and open lens to get light.  If you are not open enough, speed will be slower and then motion blur.   Tripod, Flash, these all help.  After some tips from Nikonites members, and considerable practice, I began to produce some decent shots!


DSC_2905DSC_2905 DSC_2902DSC_2902 DSC_2889DSC_2889



I still have a lot to learn but I am getting better and most important, I am having fun with macro!  I am glad that I gave it a try and I plan to do a lot more in the future.   I am pleased with my Sigma Lens!

Thats all for now...   Get out and Shoot, and Have Fun!


Pat in NH


Nikon insects macro micro sigma Tue, 30 Jul 2013 20:58:00 GMT
Independance Day, Wide Angle & Mohawk Indians Wow, hard to imagine, we are already halfway through the month of July.   Everyday this week is supposed to be over 90 deg (F) also.  I am not a fan of that.

I did get my Tokina 12-24 Wide Angle.   I am very pleased with it.   I have done some testing and it is "really wide"!  I was also impressed with the sharpness.   I want to go into Manchester NH and do some buildings with it.   Here are a few samples:

DSC_0865 DSC_0905















DSC_0830 DSC_0908












Independance Day, 4th of July, and a photo Challenge.    Here are a couple shots I did for that, the one on the left was my actual entry which was a 2nd place.  I was pleased with it...    I went over to Merrimack NH and set up to shoot the towns 4th of July Parade. I could have done a couple things better, but hey, I had fun and learned!!

DSC_1034 DSC_1049











Then this weekend, I hopped on the motorcycle for a ride up to Montreal.   Friday was what is called the Cross Border Run.  Sponsored by the CVVQ, Canadian Vietnam Veterans of Quebec, it is a ceremony to honor those Canadians who gave their lives during the Vietnam war, fighting under the American Flag.  Canada was not involved but these people crossed over the border (hence the name) to join the US Armed Forces.  I have been going up for 10 years to pay my respects.

DSC_1334 DSC_1333











Saturday was a POW WOW at the Kahawake Mohawk Territory.   It is referred to as "Echo's of a Proud Nation" and full of pageantry, native dances etc.  It is very enjoyable, and impressive, especially to those who have never seen one. 

DSC_1413 DSC_1425















DSC_1415 DSC_1398










DSC_1448 DSC_1455











Well folks, that is it for this installment.  I am acquiring a Polarizer and a Variable ND filter that I will talk about later.   I have a step ring so I can used them on the 80-105 or my Tokina.   I am still in the market for a Macro lens.

Have fun Shooting and stay safe....

Pat in NH



Independance Nikon Photo Tokina Wide portraits telephoto Tue, 16 Jul 2013 01:48:35 GMT
So where are we today???? Hope everyone is doing well!!   Summer is officially here, today is the longest day of the year!!   From here on they get shorter.

So, what am I thinking now after a couple weeks with the D7100?   No surprise, I Love It!  My initially concern over the learning curve was wiped out in 2 days of using the camera.   I am now very comfortable and find settings & adjustments much easier (more intuitive) and as a result faster.

I have been pleased with the images I have done so far...   they include floral, pets, scenic, HDR and Panorama.

DSC_0128 DSC_0112











DSC_0107 DSC_0101













I have also been in the market for both a Macro (Micro) lens and an Ultra Wide. I recently missed out on a Sigma Macro (105) and have recently seen a Nikon 85 Micro but had been looking for a used 105. If I do not catch a line on a used 105, I may make an offer on the 85.

I did land the Ultra Wide. Ordered a Tokina 12-24 f/4 (new) and it is shipping today. I was looking at the 11-16 (very pricey) and the sigma 10-20 but could not find any used deals. A friend at gave me a lead (he just bought one) to a guy had 10 of them and they were priced right. I am now waiting for it to arrive. My lens stable will be complete (for now) once I land a Macro lens.

Thats all this week folks. Get out and enjoy your gear, practice makes perfect (or at least "better").

Have fun shooting ...

Pat in NH





Nikon Photo Tokina macro. micro ultra wide Fri, 21 Jun 2013 14:56:42 GMT
The New Camera Body! Drum Roll please....    What did I get??   The New Nikon D7100!!!    The BOSS surprised me with it last Wednesday...   I had been talking about it for a while now, and doing a flip flop between the 7000 and the 7100.   I could save some money with the 7000, especially if I went with a Re-Furb.  The problem in my mind, the 7100 had newer technology and would I regret it later??

Well, knowing me and sometimes too much of a penny pincher, the BOSS took that decision right off the Table!   I found the learning curve a bit tough as this had more buttons and programs and less Menu than my D5100.   This is NOT a bad thing, just going to take a bit longer to learn it all. 

I was out of town Fri and Sat and spent Sunday getting real familiar with the camera and its operation.  I worked specifically to take 2 pictures for an upcoming challenge and was pleased with the quality of image and the operation of the camera.  This really appears to be a quality unit with many top of the line features.

Here are the 2 Challenge Photos' for the Subject of "Love"  The "hands" was my final pic to enter...

DSC_0170-Edit-2 DSC_0121-Edit










I have ordered a Battery Grip along with a spare battery and faster SD Card.   All of my lenses are compatible and I will also be keeping my D5100 as a back up.

Have fun shooting!!

Pat in NH




Photo contests d7100 nikon Mon, 10 Jun 2013 18:57:22 GMT
Did Good in the last 2 Challenges! Well, the Elimination Challenge is over...   Four winners met in 4 challenges, 3 days between to crown a first half Champ  Congrats to Rick from Nikonites for his well earned victory.   So, how did I do???   I finished second overall to Rick and I was pleased by that.  He is a very good photographer.

I also was pleased with my photo's in the last 2 challenges and the critiques by Corey.   The 3rd Challenge was "Summer".  

Here is my photo which placed 2nd and left me in a tie with Shannon overall, 8 points behind Rick.



The next (and last) Challenge was "Frozen in Time".  I decided to work with cars and tried freezing motion on the highway but was freezing the back ground also.  Hudson Speedway was having races Memorial Day so I went to the track and took some shots.   They seemed ok, I learned a bit but it was not what I wanted..   I took pictures along the road during my work breaks and seemed to get a couple.   One I really liked and one of the race pictures.   After post process, I flip flopped between them.  The Mustang was a "better photo" but I felt the race car better addressed the "frozen in time" and showed motion.  I went with the race car, scored 28.5 out of 30 and won the Challenge!!   I was excited to win one and that moved me into sole 2nd place.

Here are the 2 shots.... 

DSC_7736 DSC_7912










Anyhow, the challenges were all fun and I learned a lot doing them!!    Now get out and have some fun shooting!!

Pat in NH




Nikon Photo challenges contests flowers motion mustang race summer telephoto Sat, 01 Jun 2013 16:37:00 GMT
Flowers, Auto's & Lens's Summer is here!!   Flowers are blooming all around and I have been snapping some shots along the way.  Here are a couple of them...

DSC_7888 DSC_7885






I have developed quite a collection of them and it will give me something to look at over the long New England Winter!    I have also been looking into a couple different lens types and I think I have identified what is next for me.   I have decided I want a macro lens and also a super wide angle (10 or mm) for my DX camera.  I gave it some real thought and decided that for my use, the super wide would get more use.   Based on that, I moved it ahead of the macro and will concentrate my efforts in that direction.   There are 3 that stand out:

Sigma 10-20mm
Tamron 10-24mm
Tokina 11-16mm

Based on reviews, I will likely go with the Sigma or Tokina.   I am planning to buy used so final determination will likely be availability and deal.

On to Auto's!  One of the recent Challenges was "Automobile".   I went to cruise nights, took pictures of my Miata and other stuff. 

DSC_6994 DSC_7006







DSC_6974 DSC_6997







I went with the "Petty" Blue Mustang!  I actually was able to finish 2nd in this Challenge.   I did get some tips and they made sense for how I could have made it a better photo.   Learning is what it is all about anyway!  

Happy Shooting...

Pat in NH

Auto Cars Flowers Nikon Photo Mon, 20 May 2013 15:02:00 GMT
Testing the Black Rapid at the Zoo I had a chance to test the Black Rapid on a recent trip to the Stone Zoo.   I was involved in Photo Challenge via Faymus Media and it involved Animals.   I spent the day out to the zoo taken animal shots for the Challenge.   The Black Rapid strap was a God Send for walking around the zoo for hours.   It was comfortable and kept the camera secure.   I especially like the fact that when needed, I could use my 2 hands for something, such as paying for tickets or food.  This is one purchase I was so glad that I made.

So, how were the zoo photo's??   I actually think I did pretty good.  I got some that I liked and it was hard to choose between a couple of them.  I shot that day with 55-300 lens.

DSC_6335-Edit DSC_6333-Edit-2










DSC_6328 DSC_6323-Edit-2










The Otter scratching, upper right, was my entry and unfortunately, he did not make the top 3.   Thats ok, I learned a lot and was pleased with my entry.  I must admit, there were a couple superb ones in there too!!  :)

Ok, back to getting some stuff done...    You all have fun!

Pat in NH



300mm Nikon Pet Photo contests portraits telephoto Wed, 08 May 2013 14:04:00 GMT
New Photos and New Gear! Howdy Everyone!   Hope this finds you all well and enjoying Spring (Finally).    I have had some time to experiement a bit and have tried a couple new areas to photograph.   First thought, what new Gear have I purchased??


Strap:   I went with the Black Rapid RS-7 but also did not like the idea of the tripod socket being used.   Through some threads on Nikonites I found out about the Bos Tail by BossStrap.  This connects to the left strap mount and allows the carabiner from the RS to connect to it.   Works well, my only reservation was if the metal parts clanked against the camera.   They normally don't but can hit my battery grip.  I put a post on Nikonites featuring the rubber spray I found and I sprayed the metal rings with a black rubber layer.   Looks and works good!


Battery Charger:  I picked up the Pearstone 4 hour Charger.  This and a Maha unit were reviewed on YouTube by Corey (Faymus Media).  I chose the Pearstone as I liked the 12 volt auto adapter inclided and I did not need the 1 hour Charge available with Maha.  The Pearstone was also less expensive.   Both units will charge up to 8 cells in any configuration of AA and/or AAA, singly or multiple and mixed AA/AAA at the same time.  Both also offer a "Recondition Cycle) which completely discharges the cells before charging.


5 in 1 Reflectors:  I had seen many reviews on these units and recently I had 2 shoots that I did, both of which would have benefited from one of these.   They are quite resonably priced so I got 2, a 43" (Portrait & Outdoors) and a small 22" that I can use with tabletop stuff.   I have already used that one twice.


The last Item purchased was a Nikon 18 - 105 Zoom.   This was typically a kit lens for the D90 and D7000.   I do use my kit 18-55 a lot but need a bit longer reach (I have a 55-300 but dont always carry) so I plan to replace the 18-55 with the 105.   I also had a 55-200 which I am selling and likely will also sell the 18-55.   Those 2 sold will pay for my 105 as I bought a Factory Refurb from Adorama.  I expect my 200 to be picked up today and my 105 arrives tomorrow.


Whats up with photos?   I have been doing a few experiments, some strobist stuff and working on some Night Photography.  My last strobist project did not work as I did not have a proper glass and it distorted what I was shooting

Here is a muliple self image I did:

DSC_5909 (2) copy


This was a Contest Night shot:  Excellent Reviews but I did not place



Here are a few other recent night shots:

DSC_5596 DSC_5589 DSC_5585






I have been busy at the pond collecting wildlife photos, ducks, geese, and birds.    Also doing my industrial stuff.  Nice now is I am starting to spot a few flowers as Spring has finally arrived.   I have grabbed a few photo's already.  I am waiting for the results of one contest (not that pleased with my entries) and nowplanning my shots for the next two.  I enjoy the contests, gives me a "target to shoot, forces me to get creative and I enjoy reviewing my shots compared to the other entries.   It is fun and I am learning!


Thats it for today...  Go out and be creative, shoot something Different!

Pat McGhie





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